» MK3 Actuator – Normally Closed

Technical Data:
Operating Voltage: 230v  50/60Hz
20% ..-10% (0-60)Hz
Power Consumption: 1 w
Imax: max 300 mA
NC. – Normally Closed
Protection: Class 11 / IP54
Stroke: 5 mm
Storage temp: -25ºC – 60º C.

The New Generation Komfort Mk3 230v 2 wire Actuator for 1 watt Low Energy-Saving Regulation of underfloor heating and cooling systems.
With M30 mm Metal Thread onto the underfloor heating manifold.
This new Actuator has a manual handle to allow the actuator to be opened and closed manually without having to touch any of the electrical equipment.
This actuator has a blue indicator enabling you to see when the actuator is open.

Compatible replacement for Rehau, Robbens, Myson, Emetti, Nuheat, Reliance and many more actuators.