• Wilo Pump
  • Ivar Mixing Valve
  • Fill & Drain Taps (1pr.)
  • Copper union connections (1pr.)
  • Wired Connection Box

UNIFLOOR Single Zone Thermostatic Mixing Unit – Ivar

The Underfloor Heating Pump Control will satisfy floor areas up to 40 m² with a max heating load of 3 kw., the unit comes complete with Thermostatic Blending valve to lower the water temperature required within the underfloor heating system.

The Pump Control unit has a built in flow switch to allow the water to continue circulating until the water temperature has cooled sufficiently for the pump to turn itself off, the unit is prewired ready to fit a 13 amp plug or to wire in with a thermostat into the system.
When this system when wired and plumbed correctly it can operate independently to the radiator system.


Data Sheet

The inlet connections have 15mm compression fittings,  outlet connection to the underfloor heating system is supplied with 3/4″ Eurocone fittings ready for the selection of the correct pipe couplings to suit your pipework.