Solid Screed Floor

EcoStream 20 System

Ecostream 20_2

Extremely fast warm up time with a low build height of 25 mm including screed. find_more
EcoStream 10 System


Only 15 mm high with floor screed, providing a response time of less than 10 minutes. find_more
Komfort 400 System

Komfort 400ld

Structural floors using steel reinforcing mesh. Structural floors using stee find_more
Komfort 300 System

Komfort 300

Simple and easy to lay system, can be covered with traditional sand and cement or liquid screed. find_more
Komfort 200 System

Komfort 200

Stapled system which offers a cost effective and reliable underfloor heating system. find_more
Komfort 250 System

komfort 250

Easy to lay plastic tray system, with a low build height of 27 mm including screed.   find_more
Komfort 350 System

komfort 350

High efficient underfloor system ideal  for using with heat pumps on suspended floors. find_more