How Underfloor Heating Works ………….

Komfort underfloor heating systems operate in a relatively simple way. Warm water is supplied from the primary heat source, the water temperature is further reduced before entering the manifold by means of the thermostatic blending valve and secondary manifold pump.

Komfort underfloor heating systems include air temperature controls to all rooms via a thermostat which has a setback facility or programmable thermostat allowing both ‘Comfort’ and ‘Economy’ levels.
When the thermostat calls for heat they open the actuators located on the underfloor manifold, these can control a single or multiple heating zones in conjunction with wiring centre which in turn will send power to the heat source and primary pump to get the heat.

An example of a Komfort underfloor heating pipe work layout can also be seen on the diagram below.

cad spiral

Komfort underfloor heating systems are designs are based on correct grade of insulation put into the property.